Doubts To Deep Belief

Tonight, I am thankful for a husband that above all, seeks to remind me of who God really is. When my thoughts stray, or fears or doubts begin to seep into my faith, Ryan is right there, ready and waiting to lead me back to the face of Christ. His faith is everything I want to emulate. He is so sure, so strong in his belief. He helps me drive away my fears, and makes me realize what is true and what is good, and he dismantles the lies and the false beliefs that try to choke out my own faith.

I have been struggling with doubts. When I face such times, I normally stuff everything in, hiding my fear and uncertainty. But as Ryan and I sat down together tonight and talked through my doubts, I realized the necessity of sharing them with my husband, my brother in Christ. He has such strong faith. He reminds me of what I know to be true, and he pushes me to anchor myself to those truths as I navigate through my uncertainty. I think that this is what the church does. It spurs one another on toward Christ. We are meant to exhort each other, and tell each other truths that bring healing to our hearts. On our own, we are easy targets for the enemy to discourage, to overwhelm with doubt and fear. But together, we can stand firm and united, leaning on one another, interlocking as a community that defends one another’s weak spots. This is God’s desire, I think, for his church. For us to have a communal faith that supports even the weakest believer in seasons of doubt or fear.

I think often times, it is hard to lean on the church in those times, because in the past, the church has reacted with criticism, judgement and chiding. But I think we are entering into a new season in the church. We are in a hurting world, and most everyone can recognize that it is time that we step up and bind together as one body. What I have found also, is that to venture out and confide in someone that I am feeling doubtful, is an absolutely terrifying thing to do. But as I found in my husband, it is worth the risk. We have to seek our brothers and sisters’ help in such times. The christian life is a community life. If we are not willing to reveal our struggles to another believer, we are missing a gigantic part of what christian life is all about. After all, how can we experience grace, if we won’t acknowledge that we need it?