Giving Thanks

I love being married to a brilliant Woman. Sarah has many qualities about her that make her lovely, but consistently I enjoy the graces of her intelligence. She is always asking why questions. This last week she asked, “Why Thanksgiving?” As we pondered this we realized that thanksgiving was a time in our homes where we just sat around, ate a lot of food and said what we are thankful for. Now we have no short list of good memories or things to be thankful about, this year we decided to own Thanksgiving.
After much thought over Christmas and advent we took a long hard look at thanksgiving and worked up our own family tradition of the season of thanks. Thanksgiving is an American Tradition but most americans couldn’t tell you the origins of it. I can’t think of a single person fro another country who celebrates the same way Americans do. This became a problem for us as we are starting to get into missions. We need to know why we do what we do. As a family we feel it is imperative to set up traditions and values that our kids will pick up and run with. 
  So now Thanksgiving in the Bentley household will be a time of celebrating and remembering God’s provision in our lives and giving thanks to God for what he has done. This year we find that God has provided for us in many miraculous ways in the areas of friends, finance and family. We both have jobs and haven’t been found wanting this year and that is remarkable! 

This thanksgiving we’re spending time with family and getting ready for Chrismas. Sarah has been trying some recipes. She has been succeeding. 


This thanksgiving has been a wonderful time of food and family. God has provided for us in many ways and we are so very grateful for his presence in our lives. As we continue our journey together and look forward to traveling to England we see God’s hand so clearly we can’t help but say thank you. 
-From Ryan