Holiday Cheer

On the first week of Christmas My true love and came to me, “why don’t we go get a tree!” 
So we did! December 1st is the day that marks the beginning of a wonderful season. It all started with a tree.  

Thomas is our Tree. He is a lovely decorated fella from the woods and he has decided to spend sometime with us this year. 

We like Thomas. We say good night every night.

Along with Thomas our wonderful tree we made a fort in our living room! It was good fun! 
It stayed up for two sleeps and we watched good movies! There is nothing like starting out your week with a good fort building! 

Being that Christmas time is a time of cheer and gladness and nothing says cheer or gladness more than good Christmas movies. Especially ones that sing of snow. White Christmas is a family favorite in our house. We watched in our fort one night. We have also had the pleasure of watching ELF. Miracle on 34th street should be coming up any day now.


Our delicious smelling tree began a fire in us to cook. 

We cooked good. Breads, Toffee and Fudge were on the menu. 

Sarah is a great homemaker! I messed up a batch of toffee yet she remained composed and we made another. Both batches turned out great! 

On Friday a magical thing happened…It snowed! The snow brought us a beautiful thing into our life. We call(ed) him Fredrick(free-drick). He was short lived and will be missed. If we get another dusting of snow in the Portland Area we may encounter his brother or sister. I certainly hope we will.


 Pancakes and bread have also been on the menu. Sarah is quite the homemaker and I’m not to bad myself. We like spending time together by cooking and baking. Then eating and sharing with others all the goodies we’ve baked and cooked. 

As mentioned in the previous post Sarah and I created our family advent readings and Traditions and this week marked the beginning of our advent. It has been wonderful. If you aren’t participating in an advent you should. Advent is a time of preparation to receive the kingdom of God through Jesus and it is a looking forward to his coming. It is a beautiful time of year where we see God’s faithfulness. We embrace this time of year with cheer and gladness and are looking forward to being in full swing of the season complete with grace, love and being together. I hope you had a good week and we look forward to writing again soon!