Wintering in England

Hello Family! It has been a while since we last updated and quite a bit has happened. I want to share with you one of the more exciting things that happened over our Christmas break. Sarah and I took a trip to England! It was a wonderful time to see a new city and become familiar with its people!

A very excited Sarah and Ryan stepped off the plane into Heathrow and hit the ground running. I was amazing at being in a new city. These people spoke the same language but didn’t at the same time!  We met up with Bryan Doyle, our vision tour leader. He is the director of Mobalization for Greater Europe Mission and has become a good friend of ours. We also met a few people from the states who were there for the same reason we were, to see what God is leading us to in England. Throughout our time there we saw some amazing places and had a great time!
Yes we saw Les Mis in the theatre!
St. Pauls Cathedral
St. Pancras
St. Steven’s Tower (Big Ben)
The pier in Brighton

Buckingham Palace! Yes the Queen was there. 
This houses at least one copy of every book ever published out of England. It also houses many old and ancient writings from famous english authors and musicians to biblical and Jewish manuscripts!

Not only did we have fun, but the Lord worked in our hearts as well. The first thing you need to do to fall in love with something is get to know it. As we wondered around the city I got to see some of the beautiful architecture and visit amazing places. The more we walked the more we were able to feel the heartbeat of the country. England is a truly amazing place!

Below are two churches we were able to visit. Both have amazing stories of God working through his Spirit in the city. I cannot express the joy it brings to our hearts to have gotten to know these people and see God working through their ministries.

A Church located in the lower level of the pub!
Kahaila, located on Brick lane.

Some big take aways from this trip:

  • England has the best fish and chips in the world
  • England has a wonderful culture rich in history
  • London has the most beautiful architecture of any city I have ever visited
  • God is reshaping our understanding of the church
  • God is clearly calling us to move to England and participate in his Kingdom
This is St. Bartholomew, the oldest church in England connected to a hospital.
The tower bridge. At one point in time it was the only way to get into London.