This last week, our university campus hosted their 74th annual Global Ministries Conference. Ministries and mission agencies from all over the globe came and taught workshops to our students and engaged with them for 3 full days. A missiologist at heart, I have always loved this particular conference. This year, Ryan and I got to participate in a new and exciting way.

We stood with Greater Europe Mission as representatives, telling people about our call to England, and our upcoming trip to Manchester! Ryan also got an opportunity to share a bit in one of the workshops. His words appealed to many, and we got a good number of names on our interest sign-up sheets!

As we approach Spring Break, and Ryan’s graduation soon thereafter, we covet your prayers for our finances and upcoming living situation. We will be moving out of student housing and into . It’s going to be a season of change, a season of trust, and a season of reliance upon the Lord. Keep checking back for updates! We will be sending out regular email newsletters beginning in May. If you would like to start receiving those, send us an email at .