Thursday’s are my longest days at school. From 8:00am to 9:00pm  I only get a short-lived 2 hour break. Just enough to catch my breath and hug my wife. Oh yeah and eat! Eating is always a good idea. This Thursday was extra special because I  had an exam on the book of Hebrews. Five Essay questions isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but I felt confident about it. As I began to zone in on the material and just as the professor arrived to give us the exam, my phone buzzed with excitement. I turned and saw words such as “April” “!!!!!!!!” and “invitation”. The text was from my wife notifying me that we had been invited to Candidate Orientation in Colorado with GEM! My excitement sky-rocketed and everything about the book of Hebrews spilled out of my brain on to the floor. I think I managed a C on that test.

I walk into my house to find my wife bouncing off the walls in her usual fashion, she was sitting down hands clasped into fists exclaiming, “Look honey! Look!” I read and reread the letters we received and the paper work we had to do before embarking on our trip to Colorado. The paper work isn’t a challenge, it is a part of the adventure!

Sarah and I are very excited to take this next step in our lives and experience what God truly has planned for us. I’m not exactly sure what will be covered in candidate orientation, but I am confident God has something amazing planned.

Jesus always has something up his sleeve, even in times when we doubt he does. It reminds me of the healing of Jairus’ daughter found in the gospels. Jairus is a respected leader of the synagogue in his city. Jesus arrives at his home to heal his daughter after healing a woman with bleeding,  while en route. As he enters Jairus’ house, I can’t help but trying to put myself in the shoes of the disciples. I have a  feeling they had a feeling that Jesus had something up his sleeve. The next thing they know the little girl rises and walks! As Jesus walked out of the house you can almost sense the James tweeting, “Rises a little girl from the dead. #typicaljesus”

God has called us and wooed our hearts for an amazing place! We are both thrilled to take part in God’s plan for our lives. We are taking a leap of faith trusting that God will provide as we follow his will.