We want to take some time to highlight a ministry in London, England, that we are so excited about. Greater Europe Mission has partnered with Paul Unsworth, founder and owner of Kahaila Coffeeshop, on Brick Lane in London.

Kahaila is a word formed of two hebrew words, Kala: Community, and Hai: Life. Life in Community.

At Kahaila, Paul’s vision is to reach London residents by providing a fully functional, operating coffeeshop, that also exists as a church community. Baristas and workers at Kahaila do their best to connect and build relationship with their customers, quickly growing to know the regulars.


Friends, Community members, even customers who just happened to be present, joined a human chain passing cups of water to fill a baptismal tank in the middle of the cafe. (July 2013)

Kahaila is making an incredible impact. Not only are they making great coffee and cakes, (They actually made East London’s 10 best cafes list!) but they are changing lives. They are showing people that everyone matters, that everyone is worth investing in.


Here is some more in Paul’s own words. Enjoy!


Here is a video clip of some worship at Kahaila just last week.