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Personal Ministry Journey


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As a sophomore in high school, I accepted Christ at a youth group winter camp. To me, the Gospel meant that I no longer needed to strive to be somebody I wasn’t, but that I was accepted the way I was. Within a week of committing my own life to Christ, I explained my life-altering decision to a friend, and walked her through a prayer of salvation. Shortly thereafter, I knew that I was created to share the gospel with my life.

In 2008 I had the opportunity to tour around Europe with my high school choir. I spent two days in England, and immediately felt God pressing on my heart. He spoke to saying, I love the English people, but they don’t even know I exist. They couldn’t care less. This experience stuck with me, and inspired me to return there in the summer of 2010 to work with a church plant in London.

The summer I spent ministering to the people of London, affirmed that God was calling me to serve him there, with my life. That summer, I saw God’s intense adoration and love for the people of England.



I grew up in a financially, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt home. There wasn’t much talk about God or the Bible in our family. I followed a friend to church while I was in 6th grade. God used the youth and lead Pastors’ kind words of grace and encouragement for me to see and experience the freedom and love found in Christ. I fell in love with Jesus and accepted him as my Savior and friend in 9th grade. I went to their youth group ministries until I graduated high school. I volunteered and helped in every way I way I could. The Lord placed a deep desire within my heart for teaching and studying the Bible. I had a deep love and desire to share what I knew about Christ and the Bible with as many people as possible. God has placed a deep love for my peers and elders on my heart and I followed this love to Multnomah University. It was here that I learned how to study the Bible effectively, love and lead others well and what it means to authentically follow Jesus. Church planting was placed on my heart the more I learned about the spiritual landscape of Portland OR.

My heart for Missions exploded when I attended Multnomah University. During a missions conference, while talking to a missionary from France, God spoke peace into my heart about going to share the gospel instead of staying and doing the same. God planted a passion for England into my mind when I met my wife Sarah, and after a short trip to London, I know that is where God wants us to be.


Greater Europe Mission

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Vision: God expanding his kingdom through all the people of Europe to the world

Mission: Disciple all people’s of Europe through rapidly reproducing churches.

We absolutely love our organization. We have a wonderful leadership team that is properly equipped to lead us and help us integrate into the culture of the UK. When we first got appointed we felt like a part of a family. While we haven’t seen anyone since our orientation 8 months ago we still feel connected to each of them.

Greater Europe Mission has an excellent Member Care system. Every few months we will have meetings with wonderful member care counselors and leadership staff to strategize about

At the very core of GEM is focused on producing long lasting missionaries. They care a great deal about making sure we get to the field healthy and stay healthy.

One of Ryan’s Favorite things about GEM is that they are connected with dozens of ministries that spread all over the UK.

GEM has a heavy emphasis on sending teams and interns. While it has sent missionaries all over Europe, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, and Sweeden, we hope to be a part of the first batch of Full Term missionaries sent to England.

As of this year GEM has taken leaps and bounds for the deployment of missionaries to the UK, partnering with 3DM a discipleship making movement that is focused on small group missional communities, and London City Mission, a Not-For-Profit organization that has a large impact on London’s Urban challenges.

-Church planting communities

Kahaila-Flag ship of our ministries in England

Grace Pub-This ministry epitomizes the theological principle of going where the people are.

Ministry Philosophy:

Highly replaceable missionaries

reproducible disciple cycles

Bringing the gospel to people

Living authentically among the very people that need Jesus