Prayer Requests

If you have chosen to partner with us, here are some ways you can be praying for us currently! If you are just browsing our site, please consider taking a couple minutes here to pray with us for the below needs:

  • Sarah’s Health:  Sarah has been sick nearly 7 months. She had a her symptoms return this last week. It has been difficult and discouraging. Tomorrow (1/19) we learn if one of her treatments has been helpful. Pray that we get encouraging results. Please continue to pray with us that her side effects would be minimal and that she can be up and about soon! Pray also for her anxiety during this time, her relapse was very hard on her.
  • Miracles and unexpected partners:  We are here in Tri-Cities to network, connect with churches and make new partners. We are praying that the Lord would provide for us in time to go to training in June. Please ask God to make the impossible possible!
  • Anchor Partners: We are still in serious need of 4 or 5 families that are able and wiling to partner with us for significantly large amounts of monthly support. We have no idea who these individuals are, and are praying that God will provide them for us! We are specifically praying for at least one family to come on board before January.
  • Church Partnership: We are praying desperately for churches that have a heart for Europe, that they will be able to support our ministry financially, as well has be willing to share short term teams and interns with us in the long run.
  • Spiritual protection: We are 100% confident that we are doing what God’s called us to do. Of course we are on guard for the enemy’s advances. Please pray with us for the Lord’s protection, for angels to walk near to us to help us fight Satan as we continue to do what the Lord has for us!
  • Growth: Pray that our faith and trust in him would increase. Pray that we would grow in our marriage each day. Continue to pray that we can be more refined through this time of suffering. It has been very difficult for us but we know the Lord will redeem this time.
  • Finances: With all of Sarah’s medical expenses and living costs, we are just about at the end of our savings. Pray with us that the Lord would continue to provide for us in this time of waiting and support raising!
  • Our Team: We have many great people hoping to land the same time we do. Pray for them as they fundraising and as we connect together. The Lord is sending some truly amazing people to reach the hearts and lives of England!


(Last updated 18 Jan, 2014)


Answered Prayer:

-Praise our Jehovah Jireh, for providing us (right on time!) with a place to stay, rent-free, for the remainder of our time in Portland! (18, May 2014)

– Praise the Lord, Ryan graduated! Thank you for your prayers, he finished up well! (11 May, 2014) Read about his Graduation here.

– GEM Orientation: Thank you lord, we were appointed and commissioned with GEM! Read more here. (11 May, 2014)

-Praise the Lord, we welcomed 4 new partners in Dec-Jan!