The Love of Being Married

I love being married. Because I love my husband, yes. Because I enjoy living life with him, yes. But more than that, I love having a union that glorifies God. We have entered into a covenantal relationship that reflects the Trinity, and God’s love. There is so much more that I have yet to learn about God through this sacred relationship, and I am so excited for each day to come! 

We have been implementing spiritual disciplines in our daily and weekly lives to help us be more intentional in our walk with the Lord. 
1. We have begun taking a sabbath on Saturdays. 
For us, this means no media input (Facebook, TV shows, Movies, or non-worship music). At least an hour of solitude apart from one another, with specific intentions to use that time to connect with the Lord. Before the end of the day, we debrief our time apart, talking about our thoughts, our prayers, our revelations and our emotions. I have learned so much more about Ryan through this time, than I did the whole year we were dating.
2. We pray through a list of prayer concerns each night before bed.
This continues to connect our hearts in a supernatural way. It fosters growth and vulnerability in both of us, and brings us before Jesus together. (Which I love!)
3. We read at least a chapter of scripture before the day begins. 
Taking our thoughts captive, we realized early on in our newlywed lives that starting off the morning right, truly affects the rest of the day. We have a white board in our living room that we often write a verse from our morning read that we want to meditate on. Scripture is just so good!
4. We have begun naming one thing each that brings true joy to our hearts each time we get in the car together. This has become a trigger for me. Each time I get in the car, I find myself thanking God and worshiping him for the goodness he continually brings to our life.

My above statement rings true: I love being married. I love that I am married to a man of the Lord, with faith stronger than most anyone I’ve met. I love the way he leads me to Christ, day after day, constantly showing me God’s true character, even in the midst of the surrounding world telling me convincing lies. I love getting to know God in a way that I have never been able to before, through this covenantal relationship I have so joyously entered into. Grace abounds over us. We are blessed beyond measure. I am so thankful tonight!