What is the Gospel to you?


Fundraising is a long road. Statistics say that 1 out of 4 people you connect with will meet with you (That’s not including the people you try to contact that don’t respond). About 40-50% of people you meet with will partner with you. That is a lot of meeting to do.
For those of you who haven’t raised support before there is a usual set up, or at least it’s the one we use. The process of our meetings go (or at least are suppressed to go) in this order:

-Develop the need of the gospelUnknown
-Your story, transition is crucial
-The over all mission’s vision
-You/your ministries vision
-Your role in the vision
-The vision for partnership
-The ask

By the end I’m tired. Even though I’ve meet with over 100 people in 6 months, I still get tired. When you share your passion, you can’t help yourself but to experience it over and over again.
The gospel is the center of our ministry, therefore it is the center of our presentation. Every time I share about our ministry I try and display our passion behind why we do what we do. Simply put our ministry is a response to the greatness of God in our lives.
With this in mind I want to pose a question to everyone reading this, What is the gospel to you?
Granted the gospel is a vast and precious truth that we live in. It brings adoption, resurrection and many other truths to our lives. As for me it is God bringing death to life. It is the resurrection that we hold is Christ that is so dear to me. The life that I now live in Christ, in communion with the Father, gives me drive, energy and passion to live throughout the most difficult times. It is what gives me life to live and energy to give presentations, peace when nervous, and humility when accepted and grace when rejected. God has us on a long road, but I want to invite you to search your own heart and ask yourself, what is the gospel to you?